For my next set I’m planning a elven court set centred around a royal couple with some scenery, modular walls and some scatter pieces.

I want to really push the limits of what I can build with this project, make some highly detailed characters, which I’ve not really done before, and some really unique, elegant terrain pieces.

My wife in encouraging me to do some smexy poses and scantily clad versions, but I think I’ll save that for the next project. The people who want an encounter/terrain set might not necessarily want a pin up figure also. Though that doesn’t mean I can’t lay the ground work now. I’m 90% done with the prince’s T Pose and under his clothes he is fit AF, with his chiselled abs and mop of hair.


Asking the tough questions. #dnd #fey #fantasy

♬ Cute song of fun scene – Yoshiki ARA

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