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The Path of Shards

Deep in lands far from the Human cities exists a fabled court of magic and sharpened blades. A new pair of rulers are set to inherit the throne, thousands of years old but young by the standards of their race. Can the royal couple navigate the courtly intrigue and craft a dynasty worth the test of time.

Project Complete

Thank you to everyone who pledged to make the Throne of Shards set on Kickstarter. The set will be availabl on MMF in December.


Project Updates From the Blog

Modular Paths

Urges hit hard at 2AM, I had the urge to build garden paths to go…

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Thorn Trellis

This took longer to make than it should have done, mostly because I’m feckless and…

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Sticking to schedule of something new every other day, here’s the new addition to the…

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Elven Benches

It’s been a few days since I resolved to stick to a build schedule. Even…

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