Tribes Launched

So I took the leap and launched a tribe. I was thinking about waiting for a while, but I need to just go for things if I’m going to make something of myself this year. The launch has gone well and I’m really thankful to everyone who has joined so far. Things are already picking

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Thorn Trellis

This took longer to make than it should have done, mostly because I’m feckless and easily distracted, don’t be like Matt. Version 1 with plain round tubes. Version two’s tubes aren’t plain circles. Looking at the render, I’ll make some final modifications to some of the curls that will be a pain to support when

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Sticking to schedule of something new every other day, here’s the new addition to the Throne of Shards set. My little gazebo. I’m going to revisit it later, and make it so the roof is removable as well as the walls for 3 pieces and 2 versions total.

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TikTok Shop, Not For Me

I made a TikTok shop, it’s not for me, I make things to order and there’s no allowance in the despatch time for that. I can’t seem to send items internationally either, or set a shipping cost. Overall it seems pretty geared to drop shipping setup and that just won’t work for me, unfortunate, but

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