Remebering The Target Medium

ad some really good feedback in January, I feel it was something I already realised and was worried about, but had yet to act on. The message from a triber galvanised the thought and is shaping future releases. What looks good in a render, doesn’t always make a good miniature. I need to focus on the fact that the models I’m making are destined for tabletop miniatures. Now I always test print and refine what I make, but I don’t use them in games immediately, and my people can be on the delicate side. This can make it difficult for people who want to scale down my 32mm sculpts to 28mm scale. Going forward, I’m going to try and find a happy medium between my delicate aesthetic and the intended purpose. As a bit of serendipity, I tried my best with February’s release to model the Lycan deer with painting in mind, giving ample surface area for transitions and gradients, and I believe this also addressed the delicacy issue. Now for the March release I have to do the same with a medium model rather than large.

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